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Europe Modes Tailoring Team

Salvi & Jo Gaeta

Managing Directors of Europe Modes Tailoring are Salvi and Jo Gaeta. Salvi has been in the tailoring trade for the past 50 years, with a wealth of knowledge in the subject of tailoring.

Jo too has spent many years in the garment industry.

Salvi and Jo run Europe Modes Tailoring here in Berhampore, Wellington, New Zealand.

Salvi was born on the island of Capri (Italy) and educated at the school of Fine Arts in Sorrento, subsequently serving an apprenticeship with a leading tailor in the Sorrento Peninsula.

Mike - Europemodes Tailors

Mike Gaeta

Mike Gaeta is Europe Modes Tailoring factory manager. His job is to ensure that the customer is well looked after and that every aspect of the factory operations runs smoothly.

He has been a fully qualified tailor for the past 27 years and is knowledgeable in all aspects of tailoring.

Mike is in charge of Quality Control. Every garment is closely monitored before leaving the factory to ensure perfection is delivered to the customer.

Ratih - Europmodes Tailors

Ratih Gaeta

Fashion Designer Ratih Gaeta is Head Designer of Europe Modes Tailoring's RMG Collections. Primarily Ratih oversees the design of RMG ladies garments manufactured by her talented team.

RMG Collections also brings you imported garments on display in the relaxed comfort of our bright and colourful boutique in Berhampore, Wellington

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